Fall Update!

For three years our two shipping containers have been independent of one another.

In a weeks time that will no longer be the case.

In a bold move we will be completely overhauling the two boxes, joining them at the hip and upgrading every major system.

Kitchen space will be more than tripled, bathroom will be tripled in size and externalized from the containers.

Additional space in the form of a "Mud Room" on the forward end of the containers will be instantly useful and more so in the future as other phases are implemented into the design.

Ultimately more containers could be stacked on top of these two with access via the Mud Room.

A multi-level combination of sod, hard foam insulation and corrugated steel will be used for roofing to cover the containers, the bathroom, and mudroom taking advantage of the reinforced corners or "knuckles" of the containers for the most support.

The mud room and the outside of the containers will be framed with timber, lumber, and modular SIP's or "Structural Insulated Panels" that I am fabricating on site and sheathing with cedar shingles and boards.

Inside we plan to use a lot of forestry certified cedar boards for walls and floors while also exploring other mediums like plaster, tile and stone.

Electrical system will primarily derive its power from the current solar array (125 Watts), although in a few months we will be increasing the system's size to 600 Watts, a five fold increase! This, in conjunction with a 24 Volt battery bank that can last at least three days without any sun light whatsoever. Providing enough electricity for all lighting, recharging electronic devices, fans for ventilation and air circulation, and even potentially a "SunFrost" refrigerator.

There is also rumor of a pond/micro-hydro-electric project "breaking ground" yesterday...

Many more updates to come!


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