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Greetings fans of The ArkHaus! Making a brief post because I just came across a great link and wanted to share it with all of you. Its a solid collection of sustainable and environmentally conscious articles. The guy's name is Tyler and his website is: www.frugallygreen.org

Lots of great ideas on how to make significant changes in your life from subtle to substantial. I came across his site in a roundabout way after reading through a life altering book called, The Good Life.

Check it out.

ps: On another note... a while back I ordered Soap Nuts from: www.BuySoapNuts.com and used them as a laundry detergent and it works really well. Soap Nuts and vinegar is all you need to clean au natural. :)

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I love the smell of split cedar!

The cedar shingles have been fastened into place on ARK160A's front exterior wall. Just needs to be stained and the trim around the door and window painted. Why cedar? As a siding, cedar is versatile. Although we have chosen to stain to enhance the natural wood grain, one could just as easily paint it any color. Cedar is naturally resistant to moisture and decay, as well as swelling and warping, making it very durable. Even capable of withstanding hurricane force winds.

It was chilly today and the issue of heating and exactly how well the propane heater and diesel heater work was the topic of discussion. So tonight we bought a 20lb tank of propane along with some other odds and ends for the gas line and barring unforeseen delays the Studio space will be heated by this time tomorrow. With the exterior of ARK160A finally approaching completion the next thing on our to-do list is the installation of the casement window into the port wall. Stay tuned!

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The Compound as of October 10th 2009

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Shelves, Shower & Casement Window

Jen bought a metal shelf kit, they look good and have allowed us to take organization to the next level. Still plenty of room left to utilize for storage in the closet of ARK160B.

My Father and I traveled to the Reading area to purchase a fiberglass shower and take a look at some windows. I spotted a dark brown casement window with a screen that was within my budget. So we jumped on it and the shower and brought everything up to the Compound this afternoon. The shower fits perfectly although we're still a few steps from its permanent installation.

The priority now is to complete the front frame, mount the entry door, the slider window, sheathing and weatherproof the exterior wall. With that out of the way we'll be free to focus on the interior of ARK160A and stay sheltered from the Wintery weather that is on its way.