Spring Update!

So warm weather is finally upon us! Here's a quick list of things on the hot plate here for the Arkhaus Initiative!

* Jen's 1982 Mercedes-Benz 240D has had its custom dual tank waste vegetable oil fuel system installed and calibrated by our expert diesel mechanic and foreign car guru, Fred in Kennett Square just west of Philadelphia. It will be back on the road this week! Keep your nose in the wind and you just might catch a hint of egg-rolls and french fries!

* My 1970 "Continental Multifuel" Kaiser-Jeep M35A2 has a brand new alternator and matched pair of batteries installed and running! Thanks to my friend Kevin, a sharp diesel mechanic who has served with the Marines and our Resident Deuce Guru for assisting me with this project. This weekend I will be finishing work on the rear suspension with my Father and Brother-in-Law Mark who have been instrumental in getting this truck operational and complete once-and-for-all the "bobbed" 4x4 conversion undertaken by the previous owner and soon to be pressed into service as the ArkHaus Initiative's work-horse to get much needed supplies and provisions to the Compound.

* Soon to arrive by mail are the last major components to build our first Savonius Wind Turbine to generate electricity (12 volts every 240 RPM to be precise.) I have a feeling we will be building two of these before the Summer is over and we'll have more than enough electricity on tap for a refrigerator and Nintendo.

* Rain-water harvesting has officially commenced for 2010. With over three centimeters (around an inch and a quarter) of rain having saturated the Farm by midnight we were able to fill two 55 gallon drums and I placed a third drum under the spout to continue gathering this priceless commodity into the morning. We will be expanding our water capacity over the next few months from the modest 500 gallons currently on site. The water purifier has been reassembled and its end product is the most refreshing healthy drink I may have ever tasted!

* The first test prototype solar collector or solar furnace has been built by myself and fellow ArkHaus Initiative compatriot, Matt, using 48 used aluminum beer cans. Preliminary tests have been very promising with 200 degree air flowing from the exhaust port of the unit. We're looking forward to building four full scale units to be installed in an apartment building belonging to a client of ours. Expect to see more about these free energy space heaters around thearkhaus.com and for more information about having us build one for you just email us!

* Our partner enterprise, K9Delights.com is officially operating as an LLC in the state of Pennsylvania and is gearing up for production of a healthy gourmet treat specially made for dogs. Hand rolled, gluten free, all natural organic ingredients with no preservatives in four delicious flavors! Support independant food producers and environmentally responsible entrepreneurs like Jen by ordering your own batch today at K9Delights.com!

We really love hearing from container house fans and fans of thearkhaus.com! Thanks for all your support over the last year since we began this Initiative. Stay in touch with us via email, Facebook or Twitter and send us pictures of your own container project or off-grid clean energy solution and we'll post them here on our site! That's all for now!