Flooring Has Begun!

Jen expertly sizing up the cuts she needed to make to install the vinyl flooring. Which looks good and was dirt cheap. Perfect for the "Utility Room" where we'll be processing WVO and charging batteries. Meanwhile Matt has been gracious enough to contribute his knowledge of tile laying to the Initiative. He comes equipped with a Wet Saw which sealed the deal! Careful planning and minute adjustments have been made to minimize cuts and make sure everything fits together nice and snug. So far so good. The marble is intended to provide an easily cleanable and durable entry way foyer/mud zone as soon as you enter the Studio. We'll be using this marble throughout both ARK-160 Prototypes. Beyond the mud zone the primary Studio floor will be a combination of Oak tongue and groove boards and hardwood parquet tile. The boards donated to the Initiative by The Haggerty Family and the parquet we got off Craigslist for about a $1/sq.ft. Once its all said and done, I don't think there's another Shipping Container prototype "dwelling" in the World that's decked out with marble tile! It's going to look great!

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Box 2 Insulated & Wall Panels Installed!

Things are really starting to take shape! Since insulating Ark 160B the contrast between the two containers is striking! Ark 160A's bare corrugated steel just bakes in the Sun and you can feel the heat radiating off the walls and ceiling. But since we fully insulated 160B that radiant heat has effectively been suppressed. That combined with her two new windows and it is possible to find relief from the hot Summer Sun sitting inside! Its also noticeably quieter.

We still need to finish all the trim and base board wood work. Very soon we'll be laying the Marble tile and Parque floor. Jen painted her bi-fold doors to seperate the "Utility Room" from the "Studio" space. The closer we get to completeing this ARK160B Prototype the more anxious I become to see both finished. But its good to see some finer details getting set into place...

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Window Installation Update!

Jen found two windows on Craigslist, we picked them up late last week. As of today we have both installed and water tight, tomorrow my Father and I will finish with trim. So Box 2 officially has some cross ventilation now. This is a major step for us because for a few weeks not much more could be done to the interior until we knew what the windows would be. Now we can begin to really see Box 2 transform into the awesome Studio & Workshop we know it will be!

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Earth Song

A little something for your audial and visual pleasure. A long time favorite of mine with a strong message. R.I.P. MJ