Cold Frames, Mini Greenhouses & Our Garden!

Thanks to our good friends, Devin and Erica, thousands of seeds were planted this spring and many have sprouted and are growing rapidly. Most are still sheltered inside a few small cold frame/mini green house Devin assembled with scrap wood we had on hand. They have worked great and despite a relatively late start we are starting to enjoy fresh greens again from our garden!

We are also working on enclosing the small 8x10 stone and concrete foundation Devin and I built last summer, for use as a work shop and tool shed. With steady rain the last few days the shed roof has begun to collect some rain water for us.

The garden is really taking shape, easily two or three times as much planted as last year and of a much greater variety. The tomatoes plants are getting tall, and other good foods like brusslesprouts, beans, mescaline, strawberries, eggplant, radish, and others are doing great! Much larger stone and wood raised beds have been built. Brought in some extra compost from a horsefarm on the Island and from our neighbor's garden. There was also surprising amount of good soil in our modest compost pile that has been built up for over a year now. It is noticeable now how much we've built up the soil in the garden by adding compost. This will be very interesting to see compounded in the future.

An interesting side-note: There's still bits of shell from the lobster and crab from our wedding adding its rich calcium and goodness to the organic mixture. The plants love it! Also a complete bean plant with beans already sprouted was found in our compost pile too a descendant from last seasons hardy stock of beans we had transplanted from our neighbors garden!
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