June Update!

Spliced our fifth solar panel into the roof array on ARK-A a few days ago resulting in a nice 20% bump for our electrical production. Just in time because we also bought a 4.4 cubic foot refrigerator which has been running quietly in ARK-B since this afternoon! I measured the power consumption of the fridge with my trusty "Kill-A-Watt" and to start the compressor it spiked up around 600 watts but within a few seconds it was reading 0-6 watts and was significantly quieter running off our new 1250 Watt inverter than when we tested it on the gasoline generator. Last time I checked the temperature was 53 degrees and falling and we have ice cubes in the freezer! It's thermostat is cranked all the way up and I have four batteries wired in parallel with perhaps a 60% charge so we'll see if we have the juice to run it through the night till sun rise. Jen stained our oak pallet deck and it looks fantastic plus it is much more weather resistant. Still no railing yet, my Father and I have been preoccupied with the interior of ARK-A which is fast approaching completion. The rooftop victory garden is thriving, the cauliflower and onions especially. But the arugula and sweet basil are super tasty! The blueberries, strawberries, sweet and hot peppers are all coming along too. I must build a ladder soon for the green beans and cucumbers to climb.

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