Foosball & French Doors!

Jen has finished installing the insulated subfloor in Ark B, her first official foray into carpentry! It looks great and is rock solid.

A foosball table was donated to us by some friends of the Initiative who could no longer enjoy its hulking presence in their apartment. We had just talked about how much fun it'd be to have one of these up there at the Compound last week, then the other night we were visiting some friends of ours and complimented them on their table when they offered it to us for free (As long as we dragged it out of their ourselves). So we just couldn't pass it up!

Jen found the French Doors on Craigslist, they're more than 300 dollars a piece at retail, but she only had to shell out 75 bucks for both! They'll look fantastic and allow for tons of light year round and when both are open it will be great for air circulation too.

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