Trevor Seip

The Arkhaus Initiative Founder
& Chief Global Strategist

Trevor first heard of buildings made from shipping containers while he was living in Brooklyn in 2006 and attending the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan. Inspired by the works of such notable architects in the field such as Adam Kalkin and Peter DeMaria he has set out on a journey to build a working prototype of his own design.

Although he is interested in helping other people build their own "Ark" and is willing to provide professional consulting. It is not about marketing a product, but about completely overhauling his own lifestyle. He feels strongly that the last 70 years of "Suburban Development" represents a failure of the imagination and a gross misallocation of resources. And that people will have to become more self-reliant or else be a victim of the rising cost of energy and food.

Trevor wants this project to be about finding ways of ensuring that the basics upon which an individual needs to survive are covered in one centralized and at least semi-autonomous modular and transportable habitation. This includes harvesting rainwater, composting organic waste, and generating wind and solar power. All within a robust independent system which can store the electricity in batteries, take advantage of passive solar gain, filter and purify captured rainwater, etc. The shipping container is by design the ideal candidate to be retrofitted for such a system.

With the support of his friends and family, Trevor is thrilled to see his designs coming to life. He considers himself lucky to have the advice and techincal expertise of his father, Craig on hand. And is especially grateful to his lovely girlfriend, Jennifer who designs and maintains the website and is a constant source of inspiration.

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